our Talent density makes our work fun

what drives us

Our mission is to level the playing field

We view our work as part of a larger purpose to level the playing field and to bring opportunity to all parts of the world. We believe that drive and intelligence are equally distributed across the globe. And yet, we see a huge concentration of innovation in certain parts of the world.

We believe that software tools can play a monumental role in providing founders across the globe with access to capital. There are thousands of talented founders in places like Kuala Lumpur, Johannesburg and Karachi; however, many of them haven't had the experiential training and exposure that would enable them to build great companies.

Our maniacal emphasis on recruitment

From Day 1, Apollo has had a maniacal emphasis on recruitment. It is not uncommon for our team to engage in five to eight interviews, a case study and a problem-solving test.

We try to really get to know the person before we make an offer. And because we've been super selective, we've managed to develop high levels of talent density across teams.

How we measure talent density

At the end of every year, our team measures talent density by evaluating the extent to which our teams are driving change and introducing new and novel solutions to how we do things.

Our methodology to measure talent density is still in a stage of nascency. As Apollo grows, so will our methodology to quantify talent density within our teams.

The above approach ensures that our team continues to view talent density as a core operating target for the leadership and management team.

Why talent density is the most critical driver of success

For teammates, talent density within a given environment is the most important aspect of joining the Company. We learn and grow based on the caliber of people around us. And we tend to settle at the average of the five people that we spend the most time with.

For the business, we know that some of our biggest innovations and success drivers will come from people who have yet to join our mission. A great example is that of AWS (Amazon Web Services).

AWS today is the most profitable business unit within Amazon that finances growth investments across all other businesses. And AWS was initiated by an early engineer at Amazon who convinced the management to commercialise their in-house cloud solution.

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