our culture is our
biggest edge

Assume good intentions

We assume that people have good intentions and want to do good in the world. In our environment, a natural inclination to assume good intentions is integral to building strong teamwork.

“Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by neglect.” -- Hanlon's Razor

Relentless execution

Our environment fosters a culture of relentless execution. Our work is challenging, the path ahead is often unclear, and it takes a relentless attitude to deliver against the odds.

Our environment is inherently well-suited for teammates that bring a fighting/building DNA, that value and cherish the experience of breaking through walls.

Humility as the guiding lightpost

Our environment promotes humility as the guiding light that drives our behaviours and attitudes. We believe that each person on our team has immense potential and unique superpowers.

Leaders and people managers at Apollo lead by example in setting the right culture that rewards humility. We subscribe to a beginner's mindset, to a commitment to being learn-it-alls and not know-it-alls.

Initiative and a sense of agency as the hallmarks of our work

As an early-stage startup pursuing ambitious goals, we love to partner with individuals that bring a strong sense of agency and self-initiative.

At Apollo, some of the biggest innovations and decisions are driven by our newest teammates. Through initiative, critical thinking and a sense of agency, everyone at Apollo has the information and the opportunity to influence our company-level strategy.

Fight like you're right; listen like you're wrong

In order to create impact, teammates must demonstrate a tendency to fight for their convictions (while also listening intently and being open to changing their views)

“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply." -- Stephen R. Covey

Operate at low levels of detail

We believe that true breakthroughs require attention at low levels of detail. We love to understand the "why" behind things until we are able to fully comprehend a given decision.

We also believe that innovation and success are typically found when we operate at low levels of detail. It takes a persistent inquiry to uncover the truth and to understand things at a deeper level. And some of our biggest innovations will occur when we operate at low levels of detail.

Intellectual curiosity as our lever for growth

Aside from having internal focus and discipline, we believe that intellectual curiosity is the biggest growth lever for teammates. We believe that the best operators are often the most curious.

Our environment actively fosters a sense of curiosity. We love to debate over some of the "obvious" questions; in fact, some of the biggest innovations in the world have resulted from people questioning the obvious.

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