vc torch

Founders can now filter investors based on prior investments data

Using VC Torch, founders can filter investment firms based on the percentage of portfolio investments in select geographies, stages and sectors.

This allows founders to identify firms that are most relevant to their startup and that are actively deploying capital.


Apollo offers a definitive guidebook on fundraising

With access to VC Library, founders are able to access detailed data-driven insights on how-to identify strong-fit investors and how to manage round operations for parallel fundraising processes.

VC Library offers the most detailed, advanced and definitive guidebook on venture rounds. It draws on actual fundraising experience of founders that have raised multiple rounds, often in challenging geographies that lacked precedence for venture-backed startups.

round enablers

Founders can hire specialists to manage round operations, or get guidance on round strategy

Through our Round Enablers platform, founders are able to hire RAs (Round Assistants) to manage the administrative aspects of round operations. RAs are trained to create investor meetings for you as you build up your round.

Through the same platform, founders can also hire Round Mentors to get the guidance of experienced founders on round strategy, investment readiness or other aspects of fundraising.


An intelligent pipeline tool to guide your process

Our flagship product (Newton) brings highly actionable insights on the run-time to guide your fundraising process.

Equipped with data on 500,000+ venture deals, Newton serves as an AI-based advisor that is constantly proposing ideas and insights as you build up your pipeline.

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