Identifying investors that are most relevant for your startup

Using our platform, founders are able to identify investment firms that are most relevant to their specific startup. Founders can apply granular filters for firms based on their past investments data.

Our battle-tested relevance algorithms are fully customisable, enabling founders to define their own criteria.


Richard AI offers expert guidance on all things fundraising

With access to Richard AI, founders get world-class guidance on all questions and topics related to fundraising. Historically, such guidance has come through the institutional knowledge of partners at VC firms.

From building compelling decks to understanding the basics of a well-managed process, Richard AI provides guidance that is at par with what you'd expect from a partner at a VC firm.

pipeline tool

Apollo's pipeline tool brings efficiency and intelligence to the fundraising process

Our pipeline tool is designed to provide actionable recommendations to founders at every stage of the fundraising process.

For first-time founders, our pipeline tool is the best way to build expertise on fundraising. And for second-time founders, the tool inserts efficiency and intelligence into the fundraising process.

enabling entrepreneurship

Our Operating Thesis

Our core thesis is that running a tight process is often the most important determinant of success in fundraising for startups. For founders looking to get the best financing outcomes, we believe that process, and not storytelling, is the ultimate skill set.

Apollo's tools bring efficiency and intelligence to the process, enabling founders to pursue the right firms at the right time.

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